About to make the leap into the wonderful world of travel? There are hundreds of things going through your mind of things you have to organise before you leave on your big adventure from insurance to figuring out how to make the most of your time! I know this feeling all too well and I’m here to tell you to slow down, relax and read these top tips to help you get yourself in order before you leave.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is vital and something which you really shouldn’t skimp on.

There are plenty of comparison sites which offer fully comprehensive cover which can ensure you’re covered for all manner of things. Weather this be injury, flight delay, lost baggage or theft during your travels.

You may not always know how long you’re going for, where you’re going or where you’re staying but it’s important to be as precise as possible in order to ensure you’re covered should you ever need it.

If you’re unsure, call the provider who will be able to discuss your options and offer you the most appropriate cover for you.


Cheap Accommodation

One of the best ways to meet new people is to stay in youth hostels and thankfully these are usually the cheapest, depending on where you go. As you explore the more rural countries and towns, hostels aren’t always available but what I advise is heading online and simply searching for other travellers who have previously travelled in that area.

Pre-booking accommodation is always the cheapest, even if it’s just by a day or two. In some countries, haggling is accepted and it’s always worth a shot but do your research to see if that’s the norm for the country otherwise you may seem rude.


Save Money on Food

 Some countries such as Thailand, Cambodia etc are renowned for their incredibly cheap food. Street food is the way to do it but you do have to be careful, as food hygiene ratings don’t usually cover street vendors of this style. Be vigilant and make judgment on weather you feel the food is safe to eat, as some can seem a little questionable. If its busy, it’s usually fine, and if you want to be extra careful, don’t eat meet off the street, only in restaurants.


What to Pack

If you’re travelling for longer than a few months it may seem very hard to not pack your whole life but I assure you, you only really need two weeks worth of things, and you can always buy when you’re out there. Do your research and see what others have found they’ve needed and more importantly left behind so you don’t waste precious space in your backpack.

Remember you’re going to be carrying this backpack with you the entire time so remember that when you’re adding in all those extras!

I have left so much stuff behind on my travels, and now I literally only carry the basics such as decent walking shoes, flip flops, trainers, a few t shirts, jumper, trousers and shorts as well as sleeping mat, water bottle, camera and sleeping bag everything else such as toiletries I pick up as I need them.


Keeping in Touch

Before you leave make sure your family and friends know your itinerary, if you’re not sure, let them know at every opportunity such as when you arrive as a new destination, when you’re leaving and how you’re travelling as well as informing them of any new friends you’ll be travelling with.

Modern technology allows us to communicate much easier and with the likes of Facebook, Skype and FaceTime we’re never really that far away. Don’t take your expensive iPhone travelling with you without insurance, plus you’ll never use it so I’d advise getting a cheap phone and sim which works in the country and allows you to make calls and texts. Worried about the internet? Internet Cafes allow you to pay for an hour and you can access emails, facebook ect and get in touch with everyone.


Itinerary Planning

Although you may not have a solid plan, you should be able to pinpoint the counties and a rough itinerary for your time, which you can easily add to.

Having this basic idea allows you to plan your time and gauge how much money you’ll need as well as identifying specific landmarks you want to visit or tours you’d like to go on.

Obviously, this will change as you discover places you love and others, not so much so its good to be flexible with your time but always let people know.