Vaping – All that you need to know on its benefits

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If you’re someone who has been trying his best to quit smoking, you must be familiar with the vaping and electronic cigarettes as they’re currently the best alternative to smoking which has been proved by the Public Health England and Cancer Research UK. While most of us are aware of the act that electronic cigarettes are a paper tube filled with e-liquids which has got a filter on one end from which you inhale the liquids. Due to the usage of the word ‘cigarette’, there are many who think whether or not they are similar to the way a tobacco cigarette works. If you too think both are similar to each other, you’re wrong.

Electronic cigarettes were created in such a manner that people could use them for replacing cigarettes. While they share the same purpose – that of delivering nicotine, they do it in a completely different manner. When you’re thinking of getting a vape pen or a vaporizer for yourself from, here are few things that you should know of.

Vape pens and electronic cigarettes – How do they work?

While cigarettes work by burning tobacco leaves which leads to the smoke that contains tar, on the other hand, electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and they don’t work by burning any chemical or substance. Hence the level of damage caused to your health is much less than what you may think. Electronic cigarettes don’ contain tobacco and hence they don’t burn anything. They’re rather filled with a liquid called tobacco and this is why it is said that it is not always nicotine which causes the harm as nicotine is nothing but the only addictive substance.

What lies at the heart of the electronic cigarette?

If you check the heart of any vape product, there lies the atomizer. The coil is heated up and this leads to vaporizing the liquid which in turn leads to vaping. All the atomizers usually have a storage tank for the liquid and you will also find a wick which carries the liquid from the tank to the other parts of the e-cigarette. Then there is the mouthpiece itself.

The liquid that is used is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and both these products are approved by the FDA. There are other pharmaceutical products which have the grade of nicotine and all these liquids are like flavors which are added to foods.

Therefore, if you’re considering vaping, keep in mind the above mentioned factors as they’re much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

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