What will luxury accommodation get you for your city retreat

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When we are trying to find the right holiday accommodation for our family or friends vacation it can be a challenge to work out how many amenities you actually want from your stay. 

Are you looking for a pool? Daily housekeeping? Breakfast? A gym? All of these are optional extras and can make the difference between an average city retreat and a truly memorable one. So with that in mind, what will the ‘luxury’ in luxury accommodation get you? 

Quick and easy check-in 

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get in the hotel in the first place. Many lower-end establishments will have an outdated check-in process; sometimes with poorly serviced apartments, you will find yourself running around like a headless chicken just to get the key to your accommodation. 

 In most cases, luxury serviced accommodation will make the check-in process easy so you can get to enjoy the main part of your city retreat. 

Luxury furnishings 

There are few things more disappointing than arriving at your accommodation room and feeling deflated by the lack of quality furnishings. If you are going with a luxury provider you should find yourself in a room with quality closets, desks, bedside tables and more. This will give you plenty of space to organise your belongings for the duration of your city retreat. 

Added extras without added charges 

It is always nice to get stuff for free. And while the added extras that serviced accommodation provides like bottled water and gym facilities are technically paid for at the cover price, you do get more of a ‘luxury’ feel with add-ons. These could make the difference if you are going for a more luxurious city retreat.


Some things that you may expect from luxury accommodation include; 

  • Wi-Fi 
  • Bottled water
  • Pool access
  • Gym access 
  • Complimentary chocolates 
  • Pens

Housekeeping (that actually comes every day)  

Whilst housekeeping may be viewed as somewhat expected at all levels of accommodation the sad fact is many hotels fail to deliver housekeeping in a swift fashion. At its best level in luxury accommodation, housekeeping helps maintain your room with minimum disturbance to your city retreat/ 


Luxury Accommodation gives you a number of added benefits 

Whilst you may be unsure of the benefits of opting for a 5 star over a 4-star hotel or going for a luxury serviced apartment over a standard one, spending a little more will give you a lot extra for your vacation. 

As with any city retreat, make sure you do your research and go with luxury serviced accommodation provider who can deliver on their guarantees.

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