Which Type of Digital Nomad Are You?

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Vagabond, backpacker, and globetrotter are words that loosely describe an individual leading a nomadic lifestyle. In modern times, the digital world has greatly influenced the nomadic lifestyle by allowing men and women to work maintain a continuous career no matter where they live.

If you are planning to lead a nomadic life in the digital age, this article will help you identify the pros and cons of different types of digital nomads:

The Vagabond

This is a digital nomad who travels from city to city by road. He or she is always on the move and loves it. They typically own a car that makes their movement on the road convenient. These types of digital nomads are often young with the desire to explore as many places as possible. Besides being social and adventurous, they most likely have a business that allows them to work flexibly on their time of choosing.

If you’re relying on a vehicle to get from place to place, it’s important to keep it properly maintained. It’s also a good idea (and required by law) to keep it insured, so buy cheap car insurance before hitting the open road.


  • You make money on your own terms while having an adventure

  • No strict schedule to follow

  • Allows you to experience new places, culture, and people with new ideas


  • Difficult to grow a business

  • Miss the social relationship with family

The Backpacker

This refers to a digital nomad who usually travels over the borders but within a continent. A backpacker often carries his or her basic items in one backpack because carrying more luggage will just slow him or her down. With the advanced technological world, you can work through online platforms as you enjoy visiting new places and meeting new people.

Certainly, there are a lot of pros and untold cons that come with a backpacking lifestyle. If you are looking forward to leading this kind of digital nomad life, check out its pros and cons below.


  • It boosts your social skills

  • You have no restrictions or commitments that can hinder you when traveling.

  • It’s adventurous because you visit new exciting places


  • High chances of traveling blind if you don’t research your places

  • You stand to endure low-quality accommodation services such as staying in cheap inns and dorms

  • You travel with limited basic items since you only carry one backpack

The Globetrotter

These are digital nomads who fly from one country to another across different continents. Usually, globetrotting entails flying around while working on projects and an intention to stay in a destination for a few months before moving to another. If you love doing research projects while discovering new places, you might contemplate becoming a globetrotter. But first, check out the pros and cons.


  • You can stay wherever you want as long as you can support yourself

  • You interact with new people, cultures, and ideas

  • You can easily devote attention and time to things that matter

  • Interacting with different cultures improves your creativity


  • You might miss important social gatherings back at home

  • While the digital world makes it easy to keep in touch, it’s difficult to remain intimate while miles apart

  • You endure minimal social support

  • In foreign countries with different cultures, even the simplest of tasks could become difficult


Which of the three types of digital nomads are you or do you intend to become? Whichever you choose, you will find out that staying safe is of great importance!

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