Why visit Scotland’s Capital?

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Edinburgh is a city bursting with culture and history, but yet it is modern and stylish in its own way.  Scotland’s capital has a proud medieval heritage, evident by the many cobbled streets (ladies be advised to avoid high heels).  Draped over seven hills, Edinburgh is famous for its castle which overlooks Princes Street Gardens and the bustling cosmopolitan streets below.  Beautiful scenery surrounds the city, and Arthur’s Seat offers visitors the chance to climb above the streets and enjoy dramatic 360-degrees of the surrounding areas.  The Scottish Parliament building sits at the bottom of the Arthur’s Seat Hill, and its architecture is well worth a look.

Things to Do


Sitting high above the streets, Edinburgh Castle is the most iconic landmark Scotland’s capital has to offer. Dominating the skyline, Edinburgh Castle can be accessed by the cable car, or you can walk to the top where you will be able to enjoy the phenomenal views.  The view from Arthur’s Seat, at the top of a dormant volcano is excellent, and takes in an amazing panorama, including the Firth of Forth estuary.  The Scottish Parliament is a masterpiece of architecture, and a tour of the inside of the building is worth doing. Other things to do in Edinburgh include exploring the labyrinth of cobbled streets in the old town along the Royal Mile.  Or how about a midnight ghost tour around the old medieval streets where you will hear stories about famous killers who wondered the old streets?




Sitting hundreds of metres below the dramatic looking Edinburgh Castle is Princes Street.  This the city centre hub where you will find lots of big name designer stores and other traditional high-street stores.  Heading to Stockbridge you will find vintage clothes shops and antique shops.  Along the Royal Mile, there are Whiskey shops to stop and buy a fine bottle of single malt to take home with you, or even drink whilst you are there. Dotted around the city centre you will also be overwhelmed by the number of Scottish souvenirs shops, selling things many traditional Scottish items such as tartan clothing and items, and jimmy hats. If you fancy a quality dress Kilt, then there is also plenty of kiltmakers to buy yourself the Scottish national dress outfit.




Edinburgh is a cultural heartland when it comes to nightlife. In the summer the city is descended on by thousands of artists and entertainers as part of the Edinburgh Festivals.  This is a great time to go if you are after good nightlife.  Throughout the rest of the year, there is still plenty going on in Edinburgh in the way of nightlife.   There are trendy cocktail bars along George Street, or there are more traditional pubs where you will regularly find entertainers and be able to sample a few glasses of quality malt around the rest of the city.




While in Edinburgh you cam also take the pportunity to try some Scottish specialities like Haggis, usually served with potatoes and turnip (neeps and tatties).  For a finer dining experience there is plenty of choice around Princes Square.  The city also is home to several Michelin starred restaurants.

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