Would You Like to Perform a Loop the Loop?

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Aerobatic flying originated from inverted flying manoeuvres, the first of which was displayed by Adolphe Pégoud on 1 September 1913. Pégoud was a test pilot for Louis Blériot, an aviator from France. The pilot was involved in other similar manoeuvres, all of which were related to research. The well-known loop the loop was first piloted by Pyotr Nesterov, a Russian military pilot. Nesterov is considered the founding father of aerobatics.

How the Use of Aerobatics Began


When World War I started, pilots in the military used aircraft primarily for reconnaissance activities. Therefore, they did not need to have a knowledge of aerobatics. However, after the introduction of fighter aircraft, pilots started to participate in aerial combat manoeuvres, which gave them a major advantage over the enemy. This was particularly evident in aerial manoeuvres such as the dogfight.


Experience the Thrill of Stunt Flying


After the First World War, pilots continued to hone their aerobatic skills. Aerobatic events were even held in connection with the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. You can experience the exhilaration of this type of flying activity yourself by taking part in an aerobatic flying experience. Aerobatic plane rides are featured that permit you to take part in a one-of-a-kind flying experience.


For example, participants are able to fly with an instructor in a manoeuvrable aerobatic plane. The instructor explains the broad range of manoeuvres that the aircraft can perform before taking you up in the air. Once airborne, the instructor will provide a demonstration of the various manoeuvres. You are also invited to handle the aircraft’s controls if you wish.


What to Expect When You Schedule a Flying Session


If you schedule this type of flying experience, you should arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the appointment. You do not need to have previous experience flying. When you arrive at the site, you will be given a safety briefing first. After the flight, participants are presented with a certificate. Plan on spending about 90 minutes participating in this activity.


What to Wear During the Flying Activity


When arranging this type of flight activity in cold weather conditions, remember to bring and wear gloves. Also, experts recommend that flight participants wear shoes with soft soles. If you currently suffer from a heart condition or hypertension, this activity may not be for you.


Pictures Can Be Taken From the Ground


If you want friends to take pictures of your flight, they can do so whilst you are airborne. However, cameras are not allowed in a plane’s cockpit to prevent accidents.


Schedule a Flying Time


If you want to experience a unique flying experience, you will want to include this energising activity on your bucket list. Schedule a time today to take a flight. Review the details online.

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